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Open your eyes.

Have a vision.

See what is there,

that is not.







"Believing is Seeing"


Everything in life is a journey, we are all on an adventure without really knowing the destination. This can sound rather odd as in reality we adhere to Time, appointments, living up to others expectations and and and .....


A seed has been planted and slowly over a lifetime it will evolve organically. There are no lables, it cannot be put into a box it comprises of all the goodness that we share and it reaches towards our highest potential.


All we have to do is believe that we are capable.



As I pour out my heart,

the tears well up,

a single drop,

seals the memory.

Paper folded again and again,

squeezed into a matchbox,

to be set alight,

memories flicker.

The flames dance,

knowing that with an end,

comes a beginning,

a smoke signal.

The wind starts to pick up,

the dusty remains,

are lifted and scattered,

to leave a clear space.



























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